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                                  自由 门安卓百度网盘

                                  CWC School for Energy is a global provider of certified contractual, fiscal and management training courses for the oil & gas industry.

                                  Our bespoke courses, led by globally recognised experts, enable our clients which include industry leaders from Ministries, NOCs & Oil Companies, to optimise their resource potential and maintain a competitive edge.

                                  “Clear understanding & good examples with excellent presentation skills.”


                                  Legal & Compliance Office, Tullow Uganda

                                  “Clearly very experienced in this area & comfortable & confident in the role of instructor. Made the content user-friendly and detailed”

                                  - Santiago Viteri

                                  Joint Venture Coordinator, Total E & P Canada

                                  “Excellent. Provided in-depth information on current trends in the industry’s contracts and legal regimes applicable”

                                  - Yakubu Belgore

                                  Senior Legal Counsel, Total E & P Nigeria

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                                  Gas & LNG Fundamentals in Portuguese
                                  Maputo, Mozambique | USD 2,500

                                  This course will examine the technical and commercial differences between LNG and natural gas to point out benefits and constraints that arise from the LNG option.  The course is designed for those looking to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of the LNG industry – from the technical to the commercial to the strategic. The course is structured in a presentation-style format, with high levels of attendee interaction as delegates will be invited to ask questions and share their views. The course includes references and examples of the current LNG climate and the impact of key players in the industry as they roll out their strategies and will feature heavily updates and opportunities arising from Mozambique projects.

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                                  Global Upstream Oil & Gas Contracts with Special Focus on Guyana
                                  Georgetown, Guyana | USD Please Enquire

                                  Improve Your Core Competencies In:

                                  • 海豚加速器破解
                                  • 海豚加速器破解版2022
                                  • Identifying Opportunities & Challenges
                                  • Strategy & Planning
                                  • Risk Identification
                                  • Partner Alignment
                                  • 3 Key Modules:
                                    • Upstream Petroleum Agreements with States
                                    • Upstream Petroleum Agreements between Oil Companies
                                    • Petroleum Agreements with Third Parties
                                  • Guyana Focus:
                                    • 海豚加速器破解版下载 免费使用永久白金会员_技术QQ网:2021-4-27 · 海豚加速器破解版下载 免费使用永久白金会员 刺激战场PC版破解辅助 显示方框 射线 自瞄 智能压枪等 迅雷U享版破解vip满速下载软件 可以下载敏感资源开车 QQ9.0.5(23935)勋章墙加速破解补丁下载 QQ等级加速 47代理内部破解版网游加速器 可以玩台韩美服
                                    • Guyana’s Upstream Production Sharing Agreement
                                    • A Petroleum Agenda for Guyana’s Emerging Upstream Business
                                  course leaders: J. Jay Park QCJ. Jay Park QC - Managing Partner - Park Energy Law   |  D. Deniz KubanD. Deniz Kuban - Partner - Park Energy Law
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                                  Maputo, Mozambique | 海豚加速器最新破解版

                                  刀剑神域单机版下载- 全方位下载:2021-5-14 · 刀剑神域破解版是根据同名动漫的剧情故事改编而来的带有独特魅力角色扮演游戏,采用高清晰3D画面,丰富的玩法,动漫经典剧情重现,炫酷的技能特效,让玩家感受不一样的游戏盛宴。

                                  course leaders: 海豚加速器最新破解版Thomas E. Valentine - Senior Partner - Norton Rose Fulbright
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                                  LNG Essentials, New Uses and New Markets – Fundamentals & Emerging Opportunities: LNG as Fuel, re-Exports, Small Scale LNG & Virtual Pipelines
                                  Lisbon, Portugal | EUR 3,199

                                  The first part of the course is designed for those wanting to grasp the fundamentals of the LNG industry: from the technical, commercial and strategic. The second part will focus on the emerging opportunities in the LNG market namely: use as fuel, re-exporting and innovative small-scale LNG logistics by means of “virtual pipelines”. There will be a site visit to the LNG Terminal in Sines to witness the operations.

                                  course leaders: Fisoye Delano海豚加速器最新破解版  |  Eduardo Perez Orue海豚加速器破解
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                                  Oil & Gas Project Management Operations
                                  21-23 September 2020 | Maputo, Mozambique | 海豚加速器最新破解版

                                  The course provides an overview of the elements of project management involved in the upstream oil and gas exploration and production industry required to take a project from an idea to full field development for both non-technical and technical staff. The principles of project management and the different stages of development and project execution will be considered. With a decline in both global economic conditions and corporate revenues, stakeholders are demanding improved return on investment, reduced risk and exposure to risk and greater transparency. Schedules and budgets are tight, safety is crucial and every project faces a network of stakeholders concerned about its impact on the environment and communities. Large projects in the oil and gas industry make up a significant percentage of company spend, and therefore there must be particular focus on project management learning and development within the industry to deal with these complex projects.

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                                  Negotiating Oil & Gas Contracts
                                  12-16 October 2020 | London, United Kingdom | GBP 3,299 (+VAT)

                                  This five day Advanced Masterclass offers you the opportunity to develop your negotiation skills in small groups, exploring real-life oil and gas contract negotiations scenarios, and sharing the tools used by professional negotiators to formulate a winning strategy. Participants will benefit from having their discussions filmed and receiving detailed feedback from course leaders on the style and content of their negotiations to help with further improvement.

                                  course leaders: Rob MaguireRob Maguire - International Consultant and Trainer - Maguire Izatt LLP  |  Diana FranceDiana France - Partner - Holman Fenwick Willan
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                                  Global Oil & Gas Fiscal Systems
                                  19-21 October 2020 | London, United Kingdom | GBP 2,749 (+VAT)

                                  An intensive 3-day programme, delivered by world-renown petroleum economists, where you will gain a comprehensive understanding of all the different fiscal terms applied around the world through lectures and exercises. Using Wood Mackenzie’s Global Economic Model you will assess different fiscal policies from both industry and government perspectives and participate  in a “live” licensing round auction.

                                  For full information please visit the dedicated website at: www.cwcfiscalsystems.com

                                  course leaders: 海豚加速器白金破解版Graham Kellas - SVP Global Fiscal Research - Wood Mackenzie
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                                  Government Energy Fiscal Summit
                                  London, United Kingdom | GBP 1,999 (+VAT)

                                  A 2-day “governments only” Summit that brings together leading petroleum fiscal and regulatory experts along with speakers from governments around the globe to exchange views and brainstorm together recommendations for new government policies. The Summit is regarded as a highly beneficial and unique learning environment for colleagues around the world.

                                  For full information please visit the dedicated website at: www.cwcgfs.com

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                                  Advanced LNG & Gas Contracts Masterclass
                                  23-25 November 2020 | Singapore, Singapore | GBP 2,499

                                  A 3-day course showcasing best practices in negotiating and drafting long term gas sales agreements, understanding LNG price reviews; and adapting to the move away from long term sales agreements. The courses draws on course leader’s extensive LNG contractual experience by having a very practical format, with contract and clauses’ analysis.

                                  course leaders: Thomas E. Valentine海豚加速器白金破解版
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